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You’ve come to the right place! ‘Toastmasters’ Voice’ is a site dedicated to the work of professional toastmasters who together make up the National Association of Toastmasters. Here we describe the scope of the modern professional toastmaster – and there is unlikely to be a type of function for which our members do not have unequalled expertise.

As you visit different pages you will come to understand why members of the Association are the most sought-after toastmasters. Seek out - ‘Event Types’ - our descriptions of the expert ways in which NAT members are equipped to prepare and manage a wide range of events. NAT toastmasters are known for their expertise with protocol and tradition – so whether with distinguished and decorated guests, peers of the realm, celebrities or members of the clergy, the dignity and gravitas accorded to the occasion will be immaculate.


Looking for a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies for your Wedding Day?


Here we describe the scope of the modern professional toastmaster at a Wedding – perhaps the special celebration that we all attend more than any other.

The NAT Professional Toastmaster will not only take charge of the safe running of the Wedding Day itself, he or she can help greatly with the planning of the celebration too. Often the NAT professional will propose a briefing meeting a month beforehand. He or she will explain that whatever atmosphere has been decided upon for the day – a ‘no-holds-barred’ party, or a formal and traditional affair with attention to protocol – the toastmaster has been trained to project that atmosphere. And he or she will describe the little added touches of celebration which will complement that style.

A Questionnaire will guide the discussion through many options and the NAT professional will calculate the appropriate timings to ensure that each part of the occasion can be savoured to the full, all the time making sure that the banqueting team, the photographer and the DJ or band-leader is kept in the loop. Detailed down to five-minute intervals, the Running Order emerges – the toastmaster provides a copy to the venue staff, the banqueting team, photographer, videographer and – for the evening party – the musicians. Everyone with a part to play knows what is to happen and when.

The key to all this is: beautiful, smooth-running Wedding Days do not just happen. Skilled preparation in advance with expert management on the day, are invariably the hidden ingredients.

Need Event Management?


NAT toastmasters are frequently engaged for their expertise in bringing together and co-ordinating the necessary resources to support an event. Of course, from their experience they have many appropriate contacts to whom they can turn on the client’s behalf. Whether the brief includes Catering needs, AV facilities, Entertainment, Photography, Stage design – the NAT network will identify solutions and suppliers known for their expertise. Gone are the days when the toastmaster simply turned up on the day with his gavel – looking forward to a fine luncheon!

On the day itself of course, the NAT toastmaster is perfectly capable of stage-managing the event – whether an Awards Ceremony, a Professional Dinner, Bar Mitzvah – co-ordination comes into its own. He or she will have produced a detailed Running Order so that everyone with a part to play knows exactly what is required and when. Behind the scenes and front of house the professional goes about his duties, at one moment with caterers, photographer or DJ discreetly preparing the next stage, the next making clear efficient announcements to the gathering.

Members at Work

NAT members often showcase events at which they have attended. We post these in the Members At Work section to illustrate the wide range of events where the NAT professional comes into his or her own. As with all those featured here, contact details and locations of our members can all be found in the Directory of Members.

President’s Day visit for MyNAT

Our instructions were, as one would expect of President Richard, quite specific. “Be at Southampton Cruise Terminal for 9.45am on Wednesday 23rd July, 2014, and, bring your passports with you.” 14 Members of the NAT, including Husband and wife “team” Lynn & Mike O’Hara, together with their Partners had been invited, courtesy of “Holidays and… Read More »

TV star Julia Bradbury is star of hospice lunch

Organisers of this year’s Loros ladies lunch are hoping it has raised £10,000 for the hospice. Guest speaker was TV star Julia Bradbury, presenter of Countryfile, who has been a patron of the charity since September 2012. An audience of 600 at the King Power Stadium heard her talk about her media career, the highs… Read More »

Cisswood House Hotel in the news!!

Cisswood House Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex is a prestigious wedding venue.  Past President Tony Forward has, for some years, been the regular toastmaster there.  On the rare occasions that he has not been available another NAT member has stood in.  Tony has given notice of his impending retirement and has recommended Associate Member Kieran… Read More »

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